6 ‘greenwise’ music videos…

2 books of litRPG / new cyberpunk / gameworld science-fiction emerging this year plus project site The Spiral Times – full of free VR-inspired writings. Thus, to mark this historic occasion….here is a list of 6 ‘greenwise’ music vids…. groovy!

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The Next Big Thing…

Access granted to a new-old project of litRPG, sci-fi writings centred ‘In The Spiral’….secure your headsets as the first book is in open beta reader testing phase and you can even comment on the text….Also free on Amazon Kindle for limited time….Connected Stories and Fragments from the Virtual Future…. Will you find Fountellion?

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The Dark Age Leader Appears Again

So, you might choose to be transported into that unique realm where myth and history combine together. A new film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, from the director of Sherlock Holmes and fast-paced gangster titles comes out 19th May. This depiction looks to feature… yes, fast-paced action scenes, street-wise characters, the magic and the swordplay. It does look to be – tougher – than previous versions, although of course the magic and myth seem there to beef up a ‘lad off the street’ story – instead of any bigger religious or chivalrous elements in the spiritual tales. A sort of reluctant, CGI-powered super-hero Arthur.
What about the real story though, and the history?

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