Jacking in to ‘LitRPG’ or ‘GameLit’ books

A new wave of book genres relating to gaming culture and video game fantasies is gaining firm ground – but what’s it like to read or to write it? And why?

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The Dark Age Leader Appears Again

So, you might choose to be transported into that unique realm where myth and history combine together. A new film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, from the director of Sherlock Holmes and fast-paced gangster titles comes out 19th May. This depiction looks to feature… yes, fast-paced action scenes, street-wise characters, the magic and the swordplay. It does look to be – tougher – than previous versions, although of course the magic and myth seem there to beef up a ‘lad off the street’ story – instead of any bigger religious or chivalrous elements in the spiritual tales. A sort of reluctant, CGI-powered super-hero Arthur.
What about the real story though, and the history?

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